Learn how to hit all the reds away with our tips and bet on one of the greatest baseball leagues in the world


Regarded as the best baseball league in the world, Major League Baseball (MLB) was founded in 1903 in the United States, the birthplace of the sport. The league was born from the merger between the National League (NL) and the American League (AL).  To clear up all doubts, we have produced a content full of information, data, tips and curiosities regarding the sport. At the end of the text, you will know everything about how to bet on MLB in 2021!

However, according to the organisation itself, professional baseball was created years before, in 1869, with the foundation of the Cincinnati Red Stockings.

The first edition of MLB, held in 1903, ended with the Boston Red Sox winning the title, still called Boston Americans. The following year, the tournament had no champion, something that happened only twice in history, in 1904 and 1994.

But there are several other playing opportunities, i.e. you don’t necessarily have to play this variant. Among the most popular alternatives to holdem poker, you can also find Caribbean stud poker, Omaha, or Seven Card Stud.

We will explore these in more detail in a moment.

Texas Holdem

Texas Hold’em has been popularised around the world thanks to the TV tournament show Pokerstar, though it is now widespread in all casinos and on all gaming tables.

Until the last turn, players place bets, raising or not raising depending on how strong or weak their hand is. To stay in the game, players must always match bets, and at the end they can reveal their cards to see which combination is strongest and will win the game.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a version of five card stud. The rules are simple and differ from Texas Hold’em in that the players do not play against each other but against the house.

At the start of the game, each bettor is dealt five cards that only they can see. Similarly, the house also receives five cards, showing only one to start placing bets.

Bluffing is practically non-existent in this variant unlike in Texas Hold’em. You simply have to judge how strong your starting hand is and trust your instincts.


This is the second most popular variant of poker in the world after Texas Hold’em.

The Omaha variant differs fundamentally from Texas Hold’em in the following:

  • You receive four private cards at the start of the game instead of two.
  • The combination must be made between two cards in your hand and three of the community cards that are dealt.

As you can see the game possibilities are different from Texas Hold’em, because in Texas Hold’em the combinations can be made with any cards. In Omaha you must use two of the private cards in your hand.

Seven Card Stud

The Seven Card Stud variant is very interesting and opens up a lot of speculation and possibilities. It is a good game for bluffing, although it is absolutely unpredictable and even more difficult to manage than Texas Hold’em.

Live poker

Live poker services, also known as live poker, usually refer to live transmissions from the tables in online poker. That is, while playing via mobile phone or computer you can watch video streaming of the game tables.

This service can also designate live broadcasts of any game played in real time, in a real casino. And so, not being a participant in the game you can watch in real time the unfolding of a game and the emotions involved.

Know when to stop

It is important to recognise when to stop. There is no point in persisting if the game is not going your way and you have reached a point where you are losing a lot more money than planned. The best thing to do in these situations is to stop and start again at another time.

Basic Sit & Go Strategies

The famous Sit & Go tournaments are tournaments with a predetermined number of participants and start when the last player has signed up. Here are some basic strategies to use in Sit & Go tournaments:

Play conservatively at the start of the game

This simple advice should form the basis of your strategy in the first three blind levels. Most of your opponents in micro-stakes Sit & Go’s will play in a very loose style. Take advantage of this and opt to play few hands during the first three levels of play.

Don’t risk your game without a big hand. Let the other players face off directly, no matter if you fall a little behind in chips.

Don’t bluff

Leave the bluffing to the professionals, they know what they are doing. You, as a beginner, don’t. So, avoid bluffing your opponents. This is because if they are really good they will quickly notice that you are lying.

Be aware and alert

Observe your opponents and notice how they play. Do they always raise? Do they make big bluffs? After the flop, do they pay out with weak draws? Do they appear agitated and nervous? Or too relaxed? Analyse and note down every characteristic of each of your opponents.

Watch out for check-raises

In micro value Sit & Go’s, a check-raise almost always means a strong hand, usually two pair or better.

Avoid slow play

Pretending weakness when in reality you have good cards is not always the best move as a beginner.

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