brain degradation

Ways to prevent brain degradation

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It seems that the education received, the books read and the languages ​​learned are the guarantee that we will not start to forget the names of friends and the faces of loved ones. But the paradox lies precisely in the fact that the higher the innate intelligence of a person, the more time he should devote to the prevention of degradation. The more knowledge gained, the higher the risk of losing it if nothing is done to save it. What to do? 

Read new books and watch new movies

It is very pleasant to return to a well-known, viewed and read three times: it allows you to enjoy the details of a well-known plot. But at the same time, you deprive yourself of the chance to learn or feel something new, and new neural connections do not form in the brain.

Find yourself a new hobby

Foreign language, cross-stitch, gambling at the 22Bet Tanzania online website, beadwork or skydiving – find yourself a new hobby that you will have to devote a lot of time and effort to, and you will not notice how you look younger and become much more active. As soon as a person has a new goal, he finds an opportunity to get closer to it as soon as possible.

Try new scents

Try new scents

Olfactory receptors evolutionarily fade into the background – they are not so important for human survival in new conditions. But it is still necessary to train them – regularly change your favourite perfumes, get acquainted with new products and try to smell spices. It’s good for keeping the brain working.

Track your feelings

For example, you wanted to buy skinny jeans in a store but found that only maternity overalls fit you. Track what you feel at this moment. Annoyed that you gained extra weight? The joy that you can actually be in position? Desire to open a new line of clothes named after yourself? This is going beyond the comfortable and familiar – and it keeps in shape.

Listen to new music

It seems to us that we listen to many different tracks and compositions, but in fact, most of us usually have about a hundred favourite songs that are spinning “on repeat” all the time. Discover new styles in music, look for new artists or unknown songs of long-established artists – this will force the brain to process new information.

Change your route often

Change your route often

Even if you have chosen the best way to get from home to work, find the opportunity to change the route. You’ll likely waste more time and even get lost, but that’s the whole point. You need to be able to search and find – new and interesting. Any age.

Make new friends

The older we get, the more difficult it becomes to get close to other people, and the more we appreciate old friends and the opportunity to spend time with them. But making new acquaintances and friendships is necessary for psychological and emotional health.

Stop criticizing

Old people are distinguished by the ability to grumble and grumble about anything: the weather, the new fashion for short skirts or high heels, politics or the personal life of their favourite star. Try to monitor your emotions – maybe you also criticize everything in a row, and you should reconsider your views on life.

Stop stereotyping

Did you dye your hair white and lose weight? Causal relationships can be very different, and each of them has the right to exist – and to be completely incomprehensible to you personally. This does not automatically make a thing or phenomenon bad or boring, it makes sense to try to understand them – instead of jumping to conclusions.

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