Different Types of Online Poker

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When you think of online poker, the most popular poker variant in the world immediately comes to mind: texas holdem hands. In this variant you are dealt two cards and have to place bets over the necessary number of turns until the river on the table.

Nevertheless, this feature is very interesting for anyone with internet poker ambitions:

  • It allows to have a very absorbing and immersive experience of live poker games.
  • It allows you to experience the emotions of poker in a much more intense way.
  • It allows you to learn more about poker, as you can read the players’ expressions as they bet – this reading is important to develop your instinct about bluffing.
  • It allows you to have a more complete overall experience of the poker game that replicates the live casino games to the fullest.

Basic Poker Strategies

In poker you have two options.

The first option is to gather your best cards and form a good hand. Then, with a strong hand, you can start betting. With luck, your opponents will accept or call those bets with a hand that is inferior to yours. When the cards are turned over, you will win all the chips you bet.

In the second option you will have to use the famous bluff. However, you may not really have a good hand, but you can pretend that you do by ‘bluffing’. You can make a big bet, making your opponents believe that you are confident with your “good” hand.

That sounds pretty easy and simple, right? But what if we told you that you should avoid bluffing if you’re a beginner player? Well, I’m sure you’ve already made this mistake.

So, here are some basic poker strategies.

Don’t play your whole hand

If you are just starting out in Texas Hold’em, you will probably be eager to get into the game. However it is important that you consider your cards and wait for the right time to play. Think carefully and take your time.

Hiding your cards

This is one of the advantages of playing online, as you don’t have to worry about hiding your cards. At a table game, however, it is important that you keep this tip in mind, or your opponents may try to peek at your hand without you noticing.

Don’t exceed your financial limits

It is recommended that before you start playing, you set a limit of the amount you want to spend on bets and stick to it. In other words, don’t let yourself be carried away by the moment.

Avoid gambling when you are not feeling well

It may seem a strange strategy but many players make this mistake. Playing with a hot head, because you didn’t have a good day at work or had a fight with someone, is definitely not a good option. You will end up making bad choices and eventually lose money. Poker requires concentration and thinking, so play with a cool head.

Even if you play for free you are eligible for prizes, either in cash or gifts. This is due to the fact that the companies that provide this game want you to use their system and not the competitors.

For example, Betboo offers a free room that is open for 16 hours straight. Moreover, it offers cash prizes, even if you haven’t invested anything to join. Do you want a better result than that?

Check in this article how to play bingo, the variations that exist on the internet and where you can play safely and without having to think about anything but having fun.

How to play bingo?

Bingo has long been a worldwide fever for a few characteristics that mark the game.

The first is the simplicity of understanding how it works. This is because you get a card before the game starts with a series of numbers, just like everyone else who is playing. Then, a sphere filled with little balls with numbers starts spinning and each one that comes out is announced as your number. Then, all you have to do is look at the card and note down which numbers are on it along with those that have been announced.

This way you can win in several ways at bingo and there are many variations. For example, you can win a prize for closing a line – it shouts line in the face-to-face version, in the online version everybody knows it too -, column or diagonal.

But the ultimate prize comes when all your cards are announced and it’s time to shout Bingo! In online bingo, of course, you don’t have to shout, unless you want to warn your neighbourhood, but the effect is the same: you win.

Bingo variations

Among the bingo variations, the most well-known ones involve the size of the cards and the number of balls that are spun into the ball.

There is a version known as speed bingo that has only 30 balls and so everything is decided quickly. But it is common to find in the virtual world bingo versions with 75 and 90 balls, which makes the game take longer but also more enjoyable. However, 75-ball bingo has a card with 24 squares, with five rows, five columns and a space in the middle.

In addition, video bingo is also very popular with several gaming companies and can create thematic variations. In this game you act alone, looking for the necessary combinations to win and even having the possibility to win a big jackpot.

Finally, we must mention Keno, another variation that has emerged with the advancement of technology and has many supporters in the gaming world. In Keno the rules are very similar to bingo, but the card of numbers is not simply given to you. You choose the numbers you think will come up.

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